Entry 061: Friendships 

Pick your friends like you pick your fruit ~ Erykah Badu

My mother always said that great friends are hard to come by and friendships work two ways. You can’t expect a great friend if you are not yourself, a great friend. Throughout my life I’ve had many relationships with women and called a lot of them my friends, but I had to learn the hard way that everyone is not. I’ve always been a person who trusted very easily and didn’t doubt you until you gave me reason to. I have grown into a person that takes a good, long, hard look at the people in my life reevaluates and eliminates accordingly.
I have never been good at letting people go, but once I see how insincere people are, I tend to fall back and let things die out slowly. I have let a lot of people go from my life and I don’t regret it. You can’t be friends with people who are trying to compete with and one up you. Those are not your friends, they’re acquaintances.
The few people that are in my life right now are the ones who’ve never made me question their friendships and support me, as I do them. I am a great friend and support people even when it’s not to my benefit, because that is what a good friend does.

Thank you for stopping by!

I love you, I mean it! 💙 Kimsue

Photos by Rosemarie Moore

Floral Moto Jacket (Old) || Dress || Caged Pumps

One response to “Entry 061: Friendships ”

  1. I agree with you about friends.I also had to learn that everyone is not your friend. I have experienced women who have been a BAD friend! But i take it as a lesson learn and like you I have no regrets letting the relationship go! But on a positive note: You look fabulous!! I love those shoes, the bag, the jacket…. SLAY!!

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